Testimonial: Charlotte Pizzella

I struggle with severe cystic acne, and in less than 40 days, Margie helped me turn it around COMPLETELY. I’m seriously so grateful it could bring me to tears. I was about to take Accutane despite strong medical advice not to, and I’m so grateful I chose this route instead. I’ve gone from having huge breakouts all over my face to getting 1-3 pimples a week, and already my scarring is going way down. For anyone who has ever struggled with cystic acne, you know what a crazy fast turnaround that is!

After about 15 years struggling with acne and working with over half a dozen estheticians… I’ve never met an esthetician who was so loving, attentive, honest, and caring about me and my skin. She’s totally helped me address the dual concerns of adult acne and anti-aging. I cannot recommend Margie and Reflections highly enough- if you struggle with DIFFICULT problem skin, this is the place to go! Also, it’s rare to find the combination of an effective CLINICAL acne facial that is also totally loving and relaxing, this is the only one I’ve ever found. 5 stars all around.

Charlotte Before

Blue dots: pores

Charlotte After

Blue dots: pores