As your eyes take in the world around them, they are bombarded by the elements. Because of the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes, they are more susceptible to bags, pouches, dark circles, and wrinkled tissue than the rest of your face. If you want to turn back the hands of time, start with your eyes.

Though our eyelid is designed to protect our eyes, this tissue is extremely thin and fragile, and becomes more so as we age. All ocular tissues are fragile and are much thinner than other facial tissue, which is why it is in the eye tissue that we first see the signs of stress, tiredness, illness, or accumulation of UV sunlight.

Defense Strategies

Protection is first and foremost. Sunscreens and sun blocks are not all created equal. Cream concentrates may be allright for your face, but are not intended for your delicate eye tissues. To date there are only two companies with protection made solely for these tissues: Colorescience and Shiseido. Protecting your eye tissue from the sun is one of the most important things you can do to keep it looking younger longer.

UV Protective Lenses

We live in a community where outdoor sports are popular. If you are a skier, snow border, or enjoy other activities in high elevations, be aware that up there UV light is more intense. It’s double trouble: not only are you absorbing UV light from the sun, the reflection of the rays back from the snow hit your eyes a second time. Remember also that UV light penetrates cloud coverage.
Protective lenses that absorb and block the UV light are one of the strongest defenses against damage around the fragile eye tissues. Damage to your eyes and eye tissues is a high price to pay for fashion, so consult with your ophthalmologist, optometrist, or optician – they will provide the correct UV lens for your lifestyle.

Treatment and Care

The thin and fragile nature of the skin around the ocular area demands specific eye care products. The molecules of facial creams are too fat to penetrate the fine composition of eye tissue. Eye gels are best since only they can penetrate and decongest this area effectively.

Also remember that the eye products that a friend uses may not be best for you and to consult a professional licensed esthetician or dermatologist. 
Whether you think of them as “the windows to the soul” or use them as the canvas for your eye shadow, our eyes are the focal point of the face. So if you want to reduce the signs of time, start with those eyes!

Margie Carr is a California State Board Licensed Clinical Esthetician and owner of Reflections Skin Oasis.

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your lips are a reflection of your mood.  Like our moods, our lip color choices change from day to day; they can reflect how we feel.  Are you feeling boldly businesslike, perfectly put together, deliciously sweet, glamorously ready for an evening, or naturally earthly? However your mood inspires your lip color choice, first take a good look at your canvas (your lips).
Cracked, Dry and Lined

Say goodbye to cracked, dry, dehydrated and lined lips by eliminating chemically harsh formulations which include wax, petrochemical dyes, and alcohols. Traditional lip products have all kinds of questionable ingredients. Reputable mineral make-up lines avoid these chemically harsh ingredients. While chemical dyes are beautiful in color and easy to formulate, they can go directly into the lymph nodes. Women may absorb up to four pounds of lipstick dyes throughout their lifetime.

Remove, Restore, Renew

Say hello to “good for your skin ingredients” and nutrients that remove excess tissues, restore nutrients, and renew supple, healthy lips. Reputable mineral make-up lines begin with ingredients such as, but not limited to:

  • Papaya and glycolic extract to exfoliate and smooth the lips
  • Beta-carotene, shea butter, vitamin E, and aloe begin to moisturize
  • Borage, lemon, peppermint, rose hip, and castor oils (to repair and restore aggravating environmental factors) leaving your lips looking plump
  • almitoyl oligo peptide to repair the structure of the skin over time, plumping the look of the lips and benefiting lip repair
  • Colors that are dye free and made of iron oxide inherently natural from the earth making them long lasting

  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, titanium dioxide coupled with zinc oxide as a sunscreen for your lips.
    • Shiny Lip Balms and Glosses May Actually Attract UV Rays
Wear sunscreen on your face everyday? Think you’re covered? Well, think again.  How do you protect your lips from the sun? Many women may think their balms and glosses have got them covered, but experts say they are dangerously mistaken. Christine Brown, MD dermatologist on the medical staff at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, says that people who are planning to be outdoors for 20 minutes at a time need a specific lip block with an SPF of 30. So if you want shimmer be sure your block is applied underneath, or give your lips shimmer and shield with an SPF gloss that is dye free and formulated to provide UVA and UVB sun protection with long lasting moisture that will plump the look of your lips.
So, love your lips. Their attraction can be expressively powerful, but only if properly cared for. They’ll thank you for it.

      Margie Carr is a California State Board Licensed Clinical Esthetician and owner of Reflections Skin Oasis.

The Everything Correcting Beauty Routine Includes:

Colorescience Anti-Aging Serum to Hydrate & Treat the Skin while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, Even UP Clinical Face Primer SPF# 50 to even out skins color imperfections and diminish brow spots, Colorescicence Mineral Corrector Palette to cover and correct your skin imperfections, Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF # 50 to protect your skin from UVA & UVB Rays, Hydrating Setting Mist to set the mineral and refresh the skin throughout the day.

This Beauty Routine Kit is designed for people who have Skin Discolorations and Fine Lines and Wrinkles due to pre-mature aging from the sun. The Kit will help to color correct brown spots and skin imperfections. The Anti-aging benefits from the Anti-aging serum are immediate. A wonderful refreshing drink for your skin. It is truly amazing! You will love it.

Trans-epidermal water loss

What is it? Well, just about the time we reach our late 20’s (when we least expect it), biological aging creeps in. One biological sign of aging is that our skin cells experience a loss of water (trans-epidermal water loss). Consequently, water is a key component of good skin care.

Topically and Internally

The largest organ of the body, our skin needs water to protect the entire body from external elements. Our cells are made up of about 70% water. Sufficient water in skin cells is what gives the skin its healthy glow, but our skin needs water in two ways: internally and topically. So, when we see skin that appears to be leathery and prematurely wrinkled, we are actually seeing a lack of water in the tissues of the skin. Anyone over 30 should be applying a topical drink of water for their skin – in other words, a humectant (a gel hydrator).


Humectants bind to moisture within the skin, attracting up to 1000 times their own weight in water. Humectants truly assist the skin in retaining moisture, which will plump tissue and reduce the formation of wrinkles and create a smooth, supple surface to your skin. This gives your skin a beautiful, healthy, youthful glow.

Oil or Water

Other indicators of topical water loss of the skin are: dehydration, dryness, irritation, resistive blackheads, milias (whiteheads), lines, wrinkles and congestion. Tissues that have these indicators will be resistive to a cream containing a big fat oil molecule, yet are more responsive to a gel hydrator (water molecule) that contains sodium hyaluronate – the preferred humectant of choice. In addition, humectants have the ability to penetrate further below the surface of the skin, and latch on to moisture.

Any skin type can lack hydration. Even oily and acneic tissues can be more vulnerable because of harsh acne skin care products that dry out the skin’s surface, leaving it more irritated. But with a proper cleansing and exfoliating program, any skin at any age will greatly benefit from a water attracting gel hydrator.

So give your skin a big drink of water each day. Get your gel on, and watch the transformation happen before your very eyes!

Margie Carr is a California State Board Licensed Clinical Esthetician and owner of Reflections Skin Oasis.