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The Nelly De Vuyst Cleansing Milk Hydrocell contains ingredients to thoroughly and gently cleanse the skin while respecting the quality of the hydrolipidic film. Its light and creamy texture is ideal to help remove impurities and all traces of makeup. Can be used on the eye contour, face and neck. It will leave the skin feeling clean, refreshed and moisturized.

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  1. Hydrocell Cleansing Milk – Contains active ingredients to thoroughly cleanse the skin while preserving the hydrolipidic film.  Its light and creamy texture makes it an ideal makeup remover. It also removes environmental debris (wash the day away) from the face and neck.  The formula, rich in plant lipids, soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated.

Application:  Apply over face, eyes & neck, gently massage into skin to emulsify make or environmental debris, mist face, eyes & neck with the recommended toner over the Hydrocell cleanser, and remove with cotton pads.  Do not use water! You may need to repeat this process a few times (once removes makeup, and the second time cleanses the skin).  Again, do not use water, and complete this process until there is NO:  dirt, makeup or residue of any kind on the cotton pads.  Once clean use recommended toner.

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  1. Amir

    Shaving with it ! great and Hydrating

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