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The Nelly De Vuyst Purifying Gel BioAcne is a daily moisturizing skin care specific for acne prone skin. Ultra-light, non-greasy formula developed from a trio of anti-seborrheic, comedolytic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In only 30 days, the visible signs of acne such as blackheads, pimples and oily skin are visibly reduced. Day after day, the complexion appears fresher, brighter, and gleaming with purity.

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1 review for Purifying Gel BioAcne

  1. Reagan

    I visted the spa and they used these products on my face. At the time my face was very acne prone and I had accumilated a lot of dark spots even after my acne was gone. The esthetician suggested I purchase this BioAcne purifying gel and after just a few days of using it I saw a significate changes in the amount of acne i was developing and on top of that my dark spots were starting to fade. This product got my acne under control and over the last 4 months of use my face hardly ever breaks out anymore. I am super happy with this product and I would recommed it to anyone who struggles with daily breakouts and pigment problems. I had been struggling with acne for over 23 years and this is the first product that has shown significate changes in my skin.

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