Sensitive Skin Toner


The Nelly De Vuyst Sensitive Skin Toner is suitable for delicate and fragile skin. Its mild formula, made with ingredients known for their calming and hydrating* properties, provides a pleasant fresh feeling. It helps maintain the optimal pH of the skin and enhances the absorption of the Nelly De Vuyst® skin care products. *Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.

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Nelly Devuyst Sensitive Skin Toner:

One of our most popular Skin Care Toners!  And it will be yours as well!  Designed to be used twice daily after cleansing.  Our Nelly Devuyst Sensitive Skin Care Toner is for all skin types and is specially developed for: sensitive skin prone to redness,  rosacea, and inflammation of all types including under-eye puffiness.

Benefits: Anti-aging, anti-radical, prevents the overproduction of sebum, reduces all forms of redness, removes all traces of superficial impurities, maintains skin pH5.5, yet most impressively this specialized toner promotes further penetration of your next product into the skin.

Active ingredients:  Floral Waters of Hamamelis and Lavender, Rose.

Application: Daily use After cleansing, Mist the face and neck area, avoid misting the eyes directly (you can mist your fingertips and apply to the under-eye area if you have under-eye puffiness), and proceed with a light massage with your fingertips for better penetration.



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