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“Focus” a term we hear a lot of these days. When I hear the term I immediately think of our eyes and the tissue surrounding them. They are eye catching…or not…

Our eye tissue is the gate keeper to our eyes. This tissue is extremely thin in comparison to the rest of our body tissue. In fact our eye tissue is the thinnest tissue of the body, and is responsible for: protecting us from local injuries, maintaining a balance of proper tear fluid & flow, and protecting the eye from UV light absorption. These delicate tissues reach to the eye brow, and extend down to the cheek bone.

It is in these eye catching tissues that photo-aging begins, also known as premature aging. The word photo is derived from the Greek word for light, hence photo-aging is when our skin ages due to exposure from UV light.

The two rays in the Sun’s spectrum that cause photo-aging are UVA & UVB Rays. UVA Ray: Known as the aging ray. The UVA Ray is a long wave ray. The UVA Ray will penetrate deep into your skin’s thickest layer; the dermal layer. If unprotected and exposed to this UVA Ray it has the effect of wreaking havoc along its way through the skin breaking down collagen & elastin fibers, creating hyperpigmentation (brown spots), wrinkling, suppression of the immune system, damaging the DNA of your skin cells, with the likely hood of the possibility of skin cancers. UVB Ray: Known as the burning ray. The UVB Ray is a shorter wave ray. The UVB Ray will stop at the epidermal layer of the skin. This ray is responsible for burning the superficial layers of the skin and its intensity will vary by season, location, along with the time of day (10:00 AM-4:00 PM being the peak hours). This UVB Ray not only burns the skin and feels horrible, but will pose permanent damage over time with chronic exposure.

FOCUS back to the eye area… With more than 10,000 beats per day, 22 muscles and 14 actions every 10 seconds the eye contour is the most active area of our face. The skin around the eyes will show signs of aging most likely before any other tissues of the body because it is thin and fragile.


Protect your eyes with a Broad Spectrum SPF made especially for the delicate eye area. Wear UV protective sun glasses.


1. Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable Mineral SPF#30: Dermatologists love because it provides good protection with an added benefit of being light reflective from its mineral base; which will help detract from dark circles.

2. Skin Ceuticals Physical Eye UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF #50: Also mineral based this is a non-migrating product which is perfect for a base underneath makeup.
Hydrate Please take the time to hydrate this delicate eye tissue area. Whether wrinkles, dark circles or puffiness, there are solutions to treat any eye contour concern.

Promote better oxygenation to the skin to fill, lift and sooth with a light penetrating eye contour gel and schedule a Lymphatic Drainage Eye Treatment. Nelly De Vuyst Circulalift Eye Patches promote better oxygen, give a lift and provide a beautiful smoothing effect for this delicate area in just 8 minutes.

Boosting the micro-circulation of the eye contour area prevents blood stagnation. Also helpful is to schedule a Lymphatic Eye Drainage Treatment. Use products that will prevent the oxidation of hemoglobin pigment which causes the blue appearance of dark circles. Physiodemie: HY Normalizing Serum normalizes dark circles and a grey complexion.

Physiodermie Micro Eye Contour Gel will penetrate the micro- circulation of this delicate eye tissue, and will calm, soothe and decongest to fight the appearance of wrinkles. Physiodermie: VD Balance Serum decongests intoxicated puffy eyes and helps with signs of tiredness. Despite the undesirable effects that chronic UV rays
can have on the skin you can enjoy the great outdoors; just remember to take the precautions to protect your skin you’re in.