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The Physiodermie Soft Face Bio-Peeling Instant Smoothness is suitable for all skin types. A double effect enzyme exfoliator gently sweeps away dead cells and impurities. Leaves a perfectly clear and smooth skin.

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Bio-Gommage– This double-action enzyme exfoliator gently sweeps away dead cells and toxins in the skin. It favors the cellular renewal process while oxygenating the skin. The skin is allowed to breathe and becomes soft and smooth. It’s gentle enough to be used on extremely sensitive skin and also on the eye contour area.

Application: Apply onto clean (washed and toned), dry skin (air dry or pat dry). Apply a medium (not thin & not thick) layer of the Soft Face Bio peeling all over the face, eyes, and neck if desired.  Let the product dry until you can see skin again, and begin to slough off till all is removed.  DO NOT USE WATER TO REMOVE!  Only Slough off gently.  Let it

Sit for about 3-5 minutes (or until translucent), then gently slough off the product till all gone moving from the inside of the face to the outside, until the product has been removed completely. Once complete, apply your toner and the rest of your skincare program, but do not wash your face afterward; water will deactivate the Bio Gommage product.

1 review for Soft Face Bio-Peeling Instant Smoothness

  1. Katya Gauzner

    From the first visit I was impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of my skin type and problems it has. After the Facial my face felt clean and renewed. She recommended me to use Physiodermie products at home. It was the right and the best choice for me. I felt the difference in my skin appearance in a week. It started to feel and look much better. I’ve been using the facial treatments and Physiodermie cosmetics for 6 months now. I’m very satisfied with the results and I would recommend her salon to everybody.

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