Actinyl Duo


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The Physiodermie Actinyl Duo is an alternative treatment for acne prone skin (pimple) without any of the disadvantages resulting from the use of medication.

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1 review for Actinyl Duo

  1. Emily McCullum

    Hello again…I started using the Actinyl last night…it didn’t burn at all…My face is getting better everyday and I just wanted to let you how thankful I am for all your help…Just by helping me clear up my skin you have also effected me in so many other ways…My confidence is coming back and I almost feel like myself again! Only this time my face is going to be better than it ever was before! Thank you again for changing my life in such a wonderful way…I wish you all the best…I will definitely be consulting with you every step of the way and I hope to see you again.

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